The term "super anti-slip" refers to a grating that has a particular serrated finish on the upper part of the bearing bars which, together with the square twisted or flat cross bar, makes the walking surface of the panels particularly slip/skid resistant.
This type of super anti-slip grating has been designed to meet accident prevention regulations, but is nonetheless extensively used wherever liquid and oily substances are present.

•   Conventional lifting by knob
•   Innovative lifting by handle


Quality and service, the fundamental operating principles of Gridiron's philosophy, have led to creating awide range of recessed manhole covers with exceptional technical characteristics for both residential and industrial uses. The attention to detail, the choice of materials and the innovations applied mean that the demands of the most meticulous customers will be fully met. The combination of expertise gained and the highest quality materials has resulted in an exceptionally long-lasting, safe and practical product.

Express Service

Fast and flexible production cycles mean that the widest range of demands can be promptly satisfied. At the same time, a wide and comprehensive assortment of products in stock ensures short and precise lead times. But Gridiron's service doesn't stop here: it also includes full technical consultancy and continual information, in close contact with the seller, to understand the needs of the market and to work together to achieve total quality.

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