Compatible with most flat roofing materials,including bituminous felt and PVCu  roof membranes, unique pre-drilled flange for secure anchorage. Comprehensive range of sizes available for water tight jointing to 82, 110 or 160mm PVCu pipe work. Non corrosive hi-filter grille design offers efficient filtering and can be easily removed for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

  • Suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic applications
  • Integral ribbed clamping for ring for complete retention of roofing felt or membrane.
  • Unique pre-drilled anchorage points, stops product from lifting during assembly of pipework
  • Compatible with most flat roofing materials
  • Quick and easy install, choice of socket or spigot tails available
  • Fully compatible with 110mm PVC pipework, no adaptor required
  • Cost effective alternative to complicated and expensive metal outlets and pipework systems.

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